Monday, July 02, 2007

MY mama!!!

Ian's been going through a major separation anxiety phase the last few months. Which in all honesty, at first was a little endearing that he wanted and needed me so much. Who doesn't love to be loved?! But it's getting to be a little too much now. I really struggle because I want to comfort him and at the same time encourage him to be able to adapt to new people and surroundings. He is fine if I'm around, but it's difficult to leave him in the nursery at church or sometimes to even walk away from the table if we're having lunch with a friend. I don't want him to feel so much anxiety.

He's even gotten jealous of Steve a few first we both thought it was kind of cute how he would point at us holding hands and make these noises like he was annoyed (like let go of her). Then he would try to take Steve's hand off of mine. We would tell him "mommy and daddy love each other too and it's okay if we hold hands" and then we would try to include him by hugging and loving on him. But he does not like for us to hold hands or lay in each other's lap at all. He loves on both of us a lot but is very unsure of us loving on each other.

It's such a fun age as far as all of the new things he's doing and learning, but this is a really hard stage for me when it comes to how to address situations like this. He seems to break down sometimes out of nowhere. And I know it's probably all normal "toddler" behavior but....i don't know. I just want him to feel safe and have fun when I need be somewhere else.