Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last Hoorah!

**Disclaimer ~ once again, I cannot get the pictures in the correct order I would like. I even uploaded them in reverse order thinking that would work!! wrong!! So, please excuse my upload sequencing ignorance;) and if anybody knows someone offering a class - hook me up.***

Last Wednesday, my last official day of summer vacation before I reported for duty, the boys and I met some of our sweet friends at Fort Worth Museum's Kidspace and Dinosaur Exhibit.

We had a great time playing with the trains, grocery shopping, rolling the balls down the huge funnel, driving the car at the ATM, and checking out the LONE dinosaur.

When they say Dinosaur Exhibit there's a reason it isn't plural! Literally, there was only ONE dinosaur in this place. Well, to be fair, there was some random dinosaur head out in the hallway before the actual "exhibit". And sadly, I didn't even get a picture of the SINGLE T-Rex!!!

I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more to this section, but the kids didn't seem to notice. They had a blast!! Here (again, in random order;) are some pics from that day.

Cutie pie Hudson chillin' in the stroller - he's as shocked as I am at the uno dinosaur!!

Will and Cole making some important plans

Cole, random dino head, Ian

this was, by far, Ian's favorite area - I'm hoping he still enjoys grocery shopping when he's 16 and I can send him for us

he wanted to put EVERYTHING in his basket! and did not understand that we weren't really buying it when we "checked out"

driving up to the ATM to get a little cash for their night out

Will, Cole and Ian giving us their dinosaur roar (is that what dinosaurs do...roar?)

Hanging out in the dino pool - aka the dinosaur footprint

ahhh.....the dino head is after me.... sorry, i don't know, i didn't know what to write here!;) it's late and staff development is making my brain like goo!

Hope everyone is having a great last few days of summer!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I speed!

This is what Ian runs around saying from one of his favorite movies "Cars". Here are some pics of him in his new bed, that he LOVES and has to show everyone who comes over.

cars jammies and all.....

He and Lightning have the same cheesy smile here
Sweet Dreams!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Catching up

I don't know how summer went by so quickly!!! It's not that we were doing SO much ~ really just trying to stay cool.

Here are a few pictures of some of our summer fun. They are completely out of date order but I'm too tired to try and drag them all around the page ~ which by the way, blogger needs figure out an easier way for arranging photos...either that or if anyone has any helpful hints, that would be awesome!?!

So obviously, in no particular order...enjoy!

Hudson working out at the "gym"

Cole about to conquer the slide
why can't i have those eyelashes??

Eating some yummy pizza!! (and Ian pronounces pizza just like it is spelled)

Ian's into non-fiction...Cole's into fiction

we know we are hilarious! (just like our mamas;)

Sweet-E !!!

just a playin'

"just me, my sunglasses, a cold "shosh" (pacifier), and a nice smelling blankie - that's how i roll..."

one of the three times Hudson has had some "tummy time"

cruisin' the strip in the wagon
4th of July fun with Scout!!

it took him several tries to figure out how to use this water gun;)

watching fireworks!!!

That's pretty much it!! Oh, and uncle Nathan or as Ian says "Ethan" came to visit this summer. You can check out some cute pictures he took of the boys on his website from his visit.

and as always, you are forewarned that there our SEVERAL to look at (just a little over a hundred;)

Hope everyone had a wonderful summer!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Things to remember...

I can't find the cord to upload pictures right now. I'll have to have Steve help me find it when he gets home.
Just quickly wanted to write a few things about the boys that I want to share and document (I'm getting back into my teacher lingo)

Ian is now in a toddler bed. He's been in one for about a month now, I guess. Grammy and Papa got him a "Cars" (the movie) bed with matching bedding. I'll post a picture as soon as I can find the cord. He is saying some of the funniest things. The other day Steve came home from work with a big box of paperwork and Ian goes, "oh my goodness, look at that! oh my goodness!"
Every morning when he wakes up he tells us, "I seep good! mommy seep good? daddy seep good? baby seep good?" to which we are to reply, "yes, mommy (etc.) slept good" otherwise he gets upset and keeps telling you that you did until you agree. And you dare not tell him that you didn't "seep" good! I love the way he says squirrel, "swirl".

He LOVES his baby brother. He makes sure that you take him wherever he is going. First thing in the morning he runs to the bassinet and says, "I wanna see that baby. I wanna tawk to that baby" and then says to Hudson (very loudly) "Hiiiiiiiiiiii baby!! baby seep good?"

He's become obsessed with the Shrek movies - he'll tell you what Shrek says, "aaaaahhhhhhh owwwwww" and then tell you that's how Shrek "scares the boys" in the movie.

He cracks us up how he will pretend he can't hear you when you ask him random questions ~ he'll look straight ahead and try to hold back a smile or laugh and bats his eyes.

Hudson is growing way too fast! He's now eating rice cereal and LOVES it - he gets so excited when he sees the spoon coming. I love how he looks trying to figure out how to eat it!

He has the cutest laugh ever! It's really deep for such a little baby. He laughs so hard when you sniff his armpits (yes, i know;) and "eat" his tummy.

Whenever you head towards him to pick him up he gives you the biggest smile and wiggles his little body cocking his head to one side - like he's so excited he can't stand it! So cute! He's also started grabbing at things.

I love how when he is nursing he will look up at me and smile. He will also keep his hand up to my mouth for me to kiss on his sweet fingers.

He loves his big brother!! Every time Ian comes near him he just beams!! He loves watching him and cooing to him.

He loves bath time, he's started splashing a lot lately which he thinks is hilarious and so does Ian. Ian loves to help give "that baby" a bath - he has to have his own wash cloth.

I am so thankful for my kids, for my family. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by how much I love them!

...It's time for my annual breakdown...I had a mini one the other day. I can feel it building up...

I sat on the couch smelling Hudson's sweet baby head for the longest time - trying to make sure that I will remember. and I hold on to Ian when we hug so long that he probably thinks I'm a weirdo;).
Sometimes I feel so selfish because I know how lucky I am to be with them during summers and holidays. But I don't want to miss anything. I don't want to miss them...