Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Conversations with Ian...

Today I had to leave work early and pick up Ian from school because Hudson wasn't feeling well. While we are driving in the car heading to the pediatrician, out of nowhere, Ian and I have this conversation...

Ian: "I see angels, mama."

Mama: "You do? You see angels, baby?"

Ian: "yeah! They're my angels." pause.... "Jesus loves me."

Mama: "oh, yes He does, Ian. I'm so glad you know that!"

Now, how amazingly insightful are even the youngest of His children?!

**You should also know in the same car ride a few minutes later, I smell the aftermath of potty training gone awry, and Ian and I have this conversation...

Mama: "Ian? Did you go poo poo in your pants?"

Ian: "yeah...I should go poo poo on potty."

Mama: "yes, you should."

Ian: "Jesus poo poo on potty, mama."

pause....stifle laughter (because he is serious;)....pause....

Mama: "yes. yes, He did, honey. I'm sure Jesus did poo poo on a potty, and you should too."

Ian: "yeah, I go poo poo like Jesus."

This gives new meaning to the book Everybody Poops

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and Trunk or Treat

I LOVE Halloween - it is probably my favorite holiday. I love all of the cheesy decor and fun costumes. I love pumpkins and doing activities with my classroom. It just really feels like fall when Halloween gets here (even if the weather doesn't cooperate;).
A couple of days before Halloween, the boys and I took the day off and met our friends Lori and Cole at a pumpkin patch. It was kind of a random place - but we had fun! The following night was my school's Trunk or Treat and my sister and brother-in-law came into town and hung out with us.

The boys "posing" for pic in front of the haystacks and pumpkins

When we finally talked Ian and Cole into going down the big slide it was their favorite part! We had a hard time getting them to get off. Here's Cole leaving his momma behind!

Afterwards, we ate pizza and watched a little Backyardigans. I'm pretty sure it was the "Riding the Range" episode...I hope;)

Hudson, my little monkey, at Trunk or Treat

Ian loves the candy part of Halloween!!!

I love his expression in this picture!

My big pirate!!

Ian and aunt Lori

Hudson and aunt Lori


Yes, try not freak out - I AM actually making two posts in one day!!! (I'm on such a role I may even go for a third - so hold on to your seats;)

Here are just some random and silly pics of the boys over the last TWO MONTHS... and of course, there is no rhyme or reason as to the order - because I am apparently blogger, picture ordering illiterate ;)

Smokey and Ian ~ it was their night for neighborhood watch duty

The cutest Elder boys ever!!!!

This is Ian SO proud to have his Shrek underwear on - we're still working on getting to keep them on all day:)

Smokey, our first child, still in denial....

Hudson loves him some sweet potato

Hudson after bath time

Pick me up! pick me up! PICK ME UP!!

Ian found his bunny ears from last year in his closet and had to try them out

...on Hudson too

Grandpa comes to visit

I realize that it has been nearly 2 whole months since our last post - I would go into a long explanation about why but I'll just sum it up with ~ the days are sometimes long but the weeks and months go by so quickly. Anyway... Grandpa (Steve's dad) came to visit the boys in September and we had a great time visiting and going to the zoo. Aunt Lisa and cousin Karlly came with us too. Here are some pics of our time together ~

Ian loves to invite people back to his crib (or toddler bed;) and read with them or play cars. Here's Ian and Grandpa reading together.

Later that day, we went to the zoo - for some reason we don't really have many "ZOO" type pictures, so I just had to throw this elephant in there for proof.

Hudson, chill as always, practicing his yoga while we walk the wildlife terrain.

Steve and Ian climbing what I'm pretty sure is termite poo...

Yea!!! We made it to the top!!!
Another picture of cutie Hudson just hanging out...

The next day, after Grandpa survived the zoo with us, he came back for some more lovin' from the boys.

Generation Elder
Ian, Grandpa Mike, Steve, Hudson

I just love this sweet picture of Hudson and Grandpa!!