Sunday, September 14, 2008


I know that I'm stating the obvious here, but I love that my boys are brothers!! I think that it's so amazing to see them together and how they already have this bond.

Ian quickly took to the big brother role. We were kind of worried that having another baby would be really hard for him to understand ~ and I definitely think that having our attention divided has been an adjustment for him, really for all of us. But I don't think he realizes why - that it is another baby needing some of the attention he use to get.

From the day we brought Hudson home Ian watched out for him. He offered him his cell phone to make any important calls he might need to make, asked him to watch movies with him, covered his toes up when the blanket would slip down. He often reminds me when I am carrying Hudson to "be careful with that baby, mama". He also tells me to "mama, get Dusson at Amber's house" whenever I pick him up from school.

They already love to laugh together! It's awesome!! Hudson cracks up at Ian dancing or playing peekaboo with him...and Ian loves to make Hudson laugh.

It makes my heart just swell whenever Ian leans in to hug on Hudson, and Hudson will reach his sweet little hands up and hold Ian's face.

I pray for their relationship to only grow stronger and closer together! What an amazing life long friend God gave us when He gave us our siblings!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


If you've never checked out this blog before....I encourage you to...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Dr. Drama

If you've ever wondered who the dashing mom, with a toddler by one hand and an infant carrier in the other, in your local pediatrician's office who has her shirt on inside out is.....

that would be me!

*the best part is ~ this is the 2nd, yes I said 2nd, time this month that I have ventured out into public with my tags flapping in the wind (literally today I'm sure). The first time was at my school's staff development....even better ;)