Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Almost A Year!

I can't believe it has been almost a year since Ian was born. I hate to get ahead of myself since there is almost a month left, yet I can't help but look at him and wonder when all that development happened.

Since he has been crawling it is a little easier to play with him. As he learns to motor about, and faces new challenges, his personality is beginning to show more. He is realizing that there is alot he can now do. However, as we all find, the more we learn just leads us to understand better how much more there is to learn. This leads to a little frustration every now and then, but it never lasts long.

I am just blessed to be a part of all of this right now. I am getting an opportunity not too many fathers get. We have bonded in many ways. Ian shows me something new everyday. And he has most definitely shown me where true happiness comes from.

The video below is just one of hopefully many to come. Just a glimpse into our lives, dirty house and all. We can settle for a dirty house, because that's just more time we spend with Ian.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Off And Runnin

This is just to inform all of you that Ian is now crawling. He has been crawling about two weeks now. It started off as him only being able to move a couple of feet before laying down and rolling as he had always done. That lasted about two days you all know the rest. His favorite thing to mess with is Smokey's food and water dishes, which isn't so bad.

Rachel and I are now playing the game of trying to anticipate his next object of fascination, so that we can take the proper precautions. I guess on some level, this is the game we will be playing till he graduates and moves on, so the practice is probably needed.

He seems to be enjoying the explorations and seeing the new reactions he gets from mom and dad, and for the time being, so are mom and dad. I'll post some pictures in the next few days.