Tuesday, May 20, 2008


okay, we are finally updating. i know we seemed to be on hiatus for several months ~ minus the few posts steve made when hudson was born (thank you, honey!;), but we are back and are going to try our best to make regular posts!

so....lots of things have been going on since we were updating on a regular basis - like ian learning to run and jump and speak in sentences, halloween, thanksgiving in kansas, and christmas, getting pregnant, having a baby, being blessed with TWO precious kiddos! wow!! so lots of stuff.

here is what they are up to:

Ian ~ is hilarious. he LOVES any thing to do with being outside. he has learned tons of new words and is speaking in sentences now. this is such a fun age! he's a little bit bossy. he tells everyone who comes over to "sit down on couch now" he loves to laugh and read books. he makes this great face where he squints his eyes and stares intently at books or the mail and "reads". he really likes to get his way and lets you know when he's upset! he loves to jump and announce to everyone "i jump-ed". he loves going to his little preschool and really LOVES ms. cathy or "cappy". he recently learned how to play "guck, guck, goose" and is trying to teach hudson. he's pretty fun and we love watching him grow in so many ways daily!!

hudson ~ is extremely cute!!! he looks like a miniature steve. he LOVES to eat, and so far has his daddy's metabolism;) he has a cute little birthmark on his outer thigh. he has the saddest little cry when he wants to be picked up and will sniffle for several minutes after just to torture you. he has started to smile - so awesome! and he's making those precious little coos. he loves music and when his daddy plays the guitar for him. i'm pretty sure he's fond of my singing too-he likes to humor me. he is freakishly strong - when i'm holding him against me he will try to stand up against my legs and has been holding his head up fairly well for a while now. he DOES NOT like to have his diaper changed or his clothes - he will kick (just one) his leg like crazy and scream until you are done. he makes the best faces when he sleeps. he smells so sweet!!

we are SO incredibly in love with our boys!

check this out:

Ian's one month pic with woodstock

Hudson's one month pic with snoopy

it's crazy to me how much they look alike!