Friday, July 28, 2006


I know that Ian is now 4 months and there have already been many milestones that he has reached.
  • Month 1: He smiled and was sleeping through the night.
  • Month 2: We were able to make him smile, and he was starting to speak his own language.
  • Month 3: He started to sit with us in the mornings and conversate, and smile with us. He was starting to copy us in certain sounds and facial expressions.

Now it is month 4, and he is starting to drool alot, he may be starting to get some teeth. Rachel and I also heard him laugh for the first time while we were giving him a bath. Everyday, he seems to grow in some way, and it seems to get harder to chronicle the changes that he makes, but hopefully, these "milestone" posts will help us to hold on to each moment as well as give everyone updates.

To Be Continued...........

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