Friday, September 08, 2006

Giving Ian Up

I am writing this as I contemplate my abilities to be a father. Now, I know what you are thinking and I warn you not to get ahead of me here. I have no intention of giving him up in the way that most would take it, but I have looked at the book that is entitled "The Power of a Praying Parent". In this book it talks alot about raising your children under constant prayer and the power that this has in his/her ability to go through life in a positive way with a positive outlook.

I have realised that we as parents have about as much control over our children's lives as we do our own, even less. Some parents think that when they look at their children all grown up with a sense of accomplishment that they deserve a pat on the back. Many of them do and should be proud, but not of the job they did. You see, our childrens lives just as our own, are a product of what God has been allowed to do within it.

My mother, I know because of how teenage boys act, was forced at times to just give me and my future to God. This is where our faith came in to me. And my father, because of the distance between us at times had no other choice but to pray for me and my ability to find what I needed in this world without him being right there. In both instances I was lucky, luck that faith was so integral to both of them. I could have grown up in a home with both parents, unchurched but willing to give me the best that they could, but I would have lacked "substance". I would not have the overwhelming feeling of being led to where I am by a higher power. It is by viewing my parents "drop" all they knew at the Lord's feet that I even have the slightest clue that that is where all the power lies.

The book that I mentioned talks about praying for your children all along the path of life, but most of it speaks in terms of older children. The only advice given for children of Ian's age is to focus on giving your child to God. This is not as easy as it may seem. We've already had times of worry, which is normal, but also points to our inability to give him to God completely. We need to realise that we just have no control over jaundice or constipation or watery eyes. We do what we can; give it to God, and pray. That is all we can do.

Everyday I try to wake up and let God know that Ian is His. And I pray that we are careful in our handling of His property and that we take advantage of every opportunity as he grows to make sure he stays in God's arms. That decision will ultimately be his, but there is no doubt that if we give him to God 100% and prayerfully raise him and guide him as instruments of God he will end up right where God wants him in the end, no matter what path he may or may not choose on his own along the way. All paths will lead to home.

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