Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ian's New Brother

This is just a quick post to let everyone know that life as the Elder's know it is brand new. On March 26th, Rachel gave birth to Hudson Isaac who weighed 6lbs. 110z. and was 19in. long.

Our biggest fear was our two year old, Ian, and how he would take it. As could be expected, I think there were some initial feelings of uncertainty.

But all with a little nudge from daddy mixed with a little bit of time, Ian began to take to Hudson in a way that made us proud and relieved.

Since we've been home, Ian has tried to share his cell phone, told Hudson to watch "The Backyardigans" (his favorite show), and asked repeatedly to hold his little brother.

We have truly been blessed. There is not much you could say about the arrival of a new baby. But we have also been blessed with an understanding and loving two year old that makes us proud to be parents and let's us know in his own way that our family is on it's way to being what God intended it to be.

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Angie said...

you guys are soooo beautiful. I LOVE THIS ELDER FAMILY!!! I just listened to my answering machine messages, and I had one from you, Rachey! That's so funny! I didn't even know it was on until a couple of people told's as famous as I'll ever be! The taping was soooo lame, by the way. You order a full delicious dinner and then you don't get to even eat!! But they paid us $40 for I guess I got a free tank of gas on Gordon Ramsay. Anyway...congratulations on your precious new little one. I wish I could come play!!! Hugs!!!