Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthdays (also belated;)

During our blog absence both of the boys had birthdays!!! Ian turned 3 and Hudson had his 1st birthday!! i cannot get over how fast time goes by with babies. they grow and change so quickly and each day they amaze me with something new.

sometimes i wish time would slow down just a little bit - that i could hold and snuggle them a little longer, carry them on my hip a few more months, get sweet wet kisses a couple more times. sometimes it's physically painful to think about how much i love them, but a joyful pain - i know that sounds crazy, but you mommas out there know what i'm talkin' about!! (by the way, shout out mommas for a happy mother's day!)

Ian turned the big 3 on March 17th. We had his birthday party at "Going Apes" in burleson. it was a lot of fun and easy (which i LOVE)!! Ian is smart and silly and sensitive to others and growing up so fast. He's into such "big boy" things now - he loves riding his bike and is now begging for a scooter. He likes to play Wii baseball and especially loves to play baseball outside with his daddy (who is a much better pitcher than mommy). He says some of the most hilarious things (which i'll start blogging more;). We love him more than we could ever express and are so thankful for such an amazing THREE year old!!

Hollie made Ian's awesome spiderman cake:

Here is Ian pre-party trying out the spiderman masks in the goodie bags

We had a blast jumping and sliding and playing guitar hero and jumping some more with our friends!!

Roger and Amber rockin' out ;)

waiting for some yummy cake!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Ian post-cake and punch and jumping;)

p.s. Ian's super cute shirt was made by Jennifer (Tag Your It Creations) - she makes LOTS of cute stuff.

My little, bitty baby Hudson turned a whole year old on March 26th!! He is so much different than Ian but just as awesome!! He's charming and goofy and oh, SO stubborn. we are so blessed to have two healthy, happy strong boys. i pray that God fills us with strength and patience and guidance in raising them.

Hudson's cake wasn't near as cute as i was hoping (that's what i get for going with a supermarket;)

Two incredibly handsome guys wearing my latest creation;)

Hudson's first experience with cake went a little like this....

Then bathtime!!!!

And then it's time for presents!!

Do I eat this or open it?!?!

Happy birthday my sweet boys!!! I am SO thankful for you both and love you SO, SO much!!!


Rachel said...

Glad you're back! Happy birthday to both of those sweet boys!

Heidi said...

I kept checking your blog periodically! Thanks for coming back! Cute, Cute boys!

beccadawnruss said...

We had a big fun time at Ian's party (as you can probably tell from my back in the picture). I LOVE the Elmo hats. Lookin' good Elders!!!

The Mize of Texas said...

'bout time! I was beginning to think that you had abandoned blogger world!:)