Friday, December 26, 2008

So blessed!!

To have these two little cuties in our lives!!! We hope everyone had an amazing CHRISTmas!!! We were able to spend some time with family and eachother and love on our boys. We have lots of fun pictures and things to post, but limited time (with nap time coming to an end;) so we'll just leave you with a sweet picture Uncle Nathan (Ethan) took of the boys on Christmas eve. I love this picture of them together!!!!


Heidi said...

I love those sweet Elder Boys!! I am so glad ya'll had such a wonderful Christmas! I hope you enjoy the time off to relax and hang out!

Leilanni said...

Oh they are so, so, so sweet!!! Glad y'all had a wonderful Christmas - miss you!

Leilanni said...

Oh - and of course you can steal WW!!! I shamelessly stole it from someone else :-) Can't wait to see the first one!