Saturday, January 10, 2009

9 months and crazy quotes from Ian

Hudson is now 9 months old!!!

It seems to crazy to me that he has already grown that much! I know every parent says that - and I know it's true for every parent, but it sure doesn't make it any easier;)

Some things about our Hudson at 9 months....

*he is crawling around like crazy! he's been crawling for about a month and a half now, but it's been this hilarious army crawl, he's finally been up on his knees for the last two weeks or so.

* he LOVES anything his big brother is playing with (and Ian is of course less excited about this)

* if he had his own cell phone and remote control he would be in baby heaven all day - but don't think he can be fooled by some "baby" cell phone and remote! he's no fool!

* he thinks his big brother is hilarious when he dances around (okay, really all the time)

* steve and i have deemed him the "naptime instigator" - Ian tries really hard to ignore him and fall asleep during nap time, but Hudson's infectious giggle is no match for him and before we know it they are both laughing hysterically at....i have no idea what.

* he can find the tiniest speckle of anything and pick it up with his tiny little pincher grasp

* he gives the best (open mouthed) kisses!

* when he gets excited about something he kicks his legs and tries to jump out of your arms (he's pretty fearless)

* he loves when his daddy plays the guitar

* he officially has 3 teeth poking through - two on top and one on bottom

* he loves his sitter (and so do we;)

* he is waving bye and hi. we think he is saying "bye bye" (not sure if he knows he is or not;)

* i'm pretty sure he said "mama" and actually associated it with me the other day when i picked him up!!!

We love you sweet Hudson!!!

and as for Ian....oh, my sweet, hilarious, whiney, joyful Ian!! He's growing up too fast too!! He's saying some of the funniest things (probably mostly to us - you know us parents can be biased;)

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite toddler quotes over the last few weeks...

While in the car:
Ian: "mama, i drop my (insert any random toy or thing here), get it."
Me: "i can't get it right now, i'm driving. you'll have to wait"
after much contemplation
Ian: "you sit in my seat and i drive. i'll get it."

at grammy's house:
Me: "ian, can mommy sleep in your room with you" (he and hudson have a room there with two twin beds)
Ian: "yeah, you can sleep in the other bed just don't wake me up!"

at Target:
(let me set the scene....Ian is still potty training and doing pretty well. he tells me in the car while we're on the way to drop off baby's prescription that he needs to go potty. i tell him we'll go as soon as we get to the store. when we get to the store he gets PBF "public bathroom fright" - he can't go. he tells me he needs to go to his house;)

We go to the concession area to get a snack while we wait for our prescription, as we're leaving...

Me: "ian, you need to sit down (he's in the back part of the cart). you could get hurt if we bumped into something."
Ian: (i'm pretty sure as loud as he possibly can) "I CAN'T!!!!! I HAVE POO POO ON MY BUTT!!!"

....the older couple sitting next to us ceased their nacho eating at this point.

we sure love you ian!!!


The Mize of Texas said...

What cute boys! The poo-poo on the butt was hilarious!

Heidi said...

Those stories are TOO funny! Thanks for sharing....

Anonymous said...

Oh my Rachel, I couldn't stop laughing, crying and awwwwing! I can't believe how big the boys are getting! It does fly by fast! What a beautiful family you have and we are SO blessed to be apart of it! Thanks for sharing!

TGirlsRock said...

THat is too good Rach! Your boys are the sweetest.

Leilanni said...

Love it, love it, love it!!! Isn't this a fun age? (mostly - lol!)

And how is H possibly already 9 months??? Sigh . . . tell him to slow it down a bit, will ya? :-)