Sunday, March 14, 2010

THREE more...

...days until my first born turns the big 4 years old! You know what this means don't you???

Well, I realized suddenly what it meant the other day when I took the boys to chick-fil-a (I seriously had to open another tab and google that to make sure I was spelling it correctly;). When Ian turns 4 he will no longer be a TODDLER. Which, when I think about the actual word "toddler", Ian has seemed so much older than what my initial connotations are that go along with that word for a very long time. But to look up in the play area at a sign and see that there is a specific section for toddlers - "3 and under" and then to realize that in a few short days he will be too "old" to play in that area seems a little mind boggling. Because, after all, I just brought him home!

and overnight (it seems) he has grown into....

While pregnant with both of my boys I remember often reading this poem ~

Before you were conceived I wanted you.

Before you were born I loved you.

Before you were here an hour I would die for you.

This is the miracle of love.

~Maureen Hawkins

Hudson will have his 2nd birthday just 9 days after Ian. And oh how he has blessed our life also!!

I still long for those hours upon hours of my sweet babies falling asleep on my chest, breathing in rhythm together, watching the amazing facial expressions they make while snoozing.

*sigh* (a joyful sigh by the way;)

...and now for some randomly fun pics of the boys


Angie said...

Rachey. You brought tears to my eyes on this one. I can't believe how fast your boys have grown and it breaks my heart they have never met their aunt angie. :(. Well, I loved that poem you shared. It rings true with me right now. I hope to have some happy news soon...we shall see. XOXO

Heidi said...

Sweet boys....I know how you feel. Chris and I were saying yesterday that our Hud is not a baby anymore....he is getting so big!

Lori said...

It does seem like you just brought little baby Ian home! I remember it like it was yesterday...loved talking about it with you the other night and laughing about his arrival! Love you and love your boys!

Leilanni said...

Beautiful poem and equally beautiful thoughts. They do grow so fast!

Steve said...

Ok, for some reason I thought St. Patrick's Day was Saturday. Thanks for catching my comment before I proved I dumber than I look:) Just remember that after Ian turns 4, we'll still have a 1yr old for another week:)

Shana Banana said...

I love the poem. Oh how I miss those days as well. Those precious moments where you just sat and held them close never fully understanding just how perfect those moments are and how they will disappear so fast. Now the only time I get to hold Bishop is when he isn't feeling well:(. Yesterday morning, thanks to spring break, he did crawl in bed with me for just a few moments...and I got to remember, however briefly, what it is to hold him close in complete silence:). OH thank GOD for moments like that! I'll stop rambling now:)!!!