Friday, March 30, 2007

Rough Start to Year 2

It has been two weeks since Ian's 1st birthday party. I would say it went very well. Rachel was very creative as usual so that took away any worries I had of a dull party.

The cake was awesome. It was made by Rachel's aunt Nita and then decorated by Nita and Rachel both.

Our little monkey had his own banana to grub on and from the looks of things, he enjoyed it.

He may have enjoyed it a little too much......

Ian has been battling runny nose and cough since then though. I'm not too sure he wasn't feeling it on his birthday. He had a few separate occasions where he looked like he does in the picture above. He also slept alot that day too, which is not like him.

There is no doubt he's a trooper though. I doubt anyone other than Rachel and I could even tell he felt bad. That is one of the greatest things that Ian has taught me over the past year. I'm the world's worst baby when I'm sick, I go into hibernation. Ian on the other hand won't miss a beat when he's sick. He'll keep on laughing at our cat or enduring my guitar playing just enjoying the cardboard boxes that all of his toys came in. I have seen the healing power in just being happy to be here, wherever here happens to be.

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