Thursday, June 05, 2008

Potty Plea??

So we haven't "officially" ventured into the potty training adventure yet but, around November Ian had started bringing us diapers when he wanted to be changed so we thought "hey, this might be pretty easy" ~ i'm guessing i was wrong.

Since then we have bought him a potty that he only will use as a step-stool to brush his teeth and turn the lights on and off. Poppy (my dad) found him a potty that looks like a throne with a magazine rack and it's own TP holder - he loved it, sat on it for about an hour, didn't potty but sure did use an entire roll of toilet paper. he was pretty proud of himself!

He has now started to hide from us when he is pooping....he will run into the kitchen and get mad if you follow him. We'll ask him to if he needs to go potty..."NO"; we'll ask him if he is pooping or needs to poop...."NO", but of course in a matter of minutes he has brought us a diaper and demands for us to "change diaper now, please!"

yesterday morning when i was packing his lunch for the day ,he was in the living room watching backyardigans and when i walked in he yelled at me "go in there, mommy!" and pointed to the kitchen. i tried to hold back a laugh while i asked him if he needed to potty, of course the answer was NO. but....within a minute or two he came into the kitchen telling me to change his diaper.

....I'm sure glad school is finally over and now we can focus on this potty training business! and for all you veteran potty training parents out there.........................HELP!!!! ;)

any advice is much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I can help much. Since Daniel is almost 6 years old and still pee's his pants once or twice a week. But I know that when he did what Ian's doing, I just continued encouraging him. Our doctor said boys are much harder to potty train and was he right! Just don't give up! That's the important thing!

Something that helped Daniel go to the potty was putting Cheerios in the potty and have him pee on them. Daniel loved doing that! Also, Wal-Mart has a really cute book just for little boys learning to go potty. It has a botton that he can push and it makes a flushing noise with the little boy laughing. It's GREAT!

And yes, it's a very good thing your at home for the summer to encourage him even more! We'll be praying for you, Steve and Ian in this new stage of his life!

Blessings and Love!!!

Heather said...

My niece Madison was 3 1/2, and still flatly REFUSED to potty train. She had an older brother and a baby brother. We think she wanted to stay a baby so she didn't have to compete for attention...? Who knows the mind of a 3-year-old. Once she used to poop in her diaper then take it to the bathroom and shake it out into the toilet. Then she went to go get her Mom and show her. She got caught once, because she put the diaper behind the toilet to hide it, but alas, it was found.

I still laugh at that story. She took the trouble to do all of that but wouldn't use the potty.

We think what eventually got her to potty train was the realization that her baby brother might train before she did. But it's kind of a mystery. She just had to make up her mind to go for it.

Heidi said...

Pass along the info when you get it...hehe!! We'll be needing it before too long!

Rachel said...

We're potty training our two-year-old, Micah, right now, too. I don't know how much help I can offer, but I'm getting lots of good stories!

We just started a couple of weeks ago...I took him on a "potty shopping trip" where he picked out some undies, pull-ups, and some "potty treats." When we got home, we explained what was going on, what we wanted him to do (he already knew...he's been very interested and watching his brother quite closely for awhile now), and put some big boy undies on him. Then every 20-30 minutes for the next several days I took him to the potty. It's a little messier, but we use the real underwear at home -- it's easier for him to know when he's gotten wet. (He wears pull-ups when we go out.) So far he's not real consistent in actually telling us when he needs to go, but as long as I ask him every 45 minutes to an hour or so he manages to stay mostly dry. Also, he gets an Easter egg with a "potty treat" (a tootsie roll, a couple of skittles, etc) in it every time he puts something in the potty and his underwear are (at least mostly) dry and clean. Conner, our four-year-old, also gets an Easter egg every time Micah gets one. This gives him a lot of motivation to be very active in encouraging Micah! I know giving candy as rewards goes against what all the books and magazines say, but it worked for my sister 20+ years ago, it worked for Conner, it's working for Micah. He's already forgetting to ask for the "ee-der egg" half the time...

Good luck with Ian. You'll have to share with me any tips that you get along the way!