Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Father's Day

Yes.... I realize that it is several days past Father's Day, and I feel guilty that I wasn't able to make a post before now but I do want to take the time to acknowledge the awesome daddy that God gave Ian!!!

This past year has been a difficult year within our personal relationship, many of you have prayed and are still praying for us, and we can't express our appreciation enough!! I don't preface this post with this information for any other reason than to praise God for His healing that He is doing in us and to also point out, that even amongst our struggles as a married couple I have ALWAYS been extremely thankful for the father Steve is to our son.

Steve has had to take on a different role than most fathers take on. He's been Mr. Mom for the past year with Ian - waking up with him in the mornings, feeding him breakfast and lunch each day, changing thousands of poopy diapers, scheduling nap times, playing, chasing, hugging, kissing, refereeing.....

and while I'll admit I'm envious that I'm not the one home with Ian during the day, I am beyond THANKFUL that it's my husband, his daddy who loves and adores him so much, that takes care of him!!!!!

Steve is an awesome dad! He's stepped up beautifully and embraced this amazing gift that they both have been given.....time with each other.

I love you so much Steve and am blessed to be your wife and partner! Thank you for being such a wonderful daddy to our precious baby!!!

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Heidi said...

What a sweet tribute to Steve!!